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Friday, July 12 2013

I will provide FREE personal delivery but your order must total at least $30 or more before taxes. Only a .75 processing fee will be added. I serve the Bonita Springs, FL and surrounding area.

If you place an order for personal delivery that is under $30, there will be a surcharge of $2.50 to your order. 

I do not do my Business by e-mail and have received a lot of spam and scam notices by e-mail from my web site. If an e-mail is sent to me, you must provide a phone number or you will only receive an automated message from my web site.

The increasing cost of brochures, flyers and other business expenses is something we all face as business owners. I will continue to provide the best of service to all AVON's products with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Sharon Striker Kayser 

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